Check if the commit is merged with another branch, and if so, what is the merge?

Suppose git repo has two branches, master

and test

. commitA

runs on a branch test

. I want to test:

  • Is it connected commitA

    to a branch master

  • If so, what is the SHA merge?

I want to test this programmatically (not using gitk



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There's a tool out there called git-when-merged

that was developed for exactly this use case. After installing it

git when-merged commitA master


must do the trick.



In your example, the branch is test

now in commit commitA

. So, you can check where commitA

was merged in master

with this command:

git branch --contains test

This list should list all branches containing commitA

, check if it is listed master


To get the SHA commitA


git rev-parse test

SHA commit and merge itself commitA




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