How to make a Racket type tayped faster?

The racket is fast. But when I use Typed Racket and run the code, I find that the type checking is slow.

For example, run this code from Rocket Ticket Guide

#lang typed/racket

(struct: pt ([x : Real] [y : Real]))

(: distance (-> pt pt Real))
(define (distance p1 p2)
  (sqrt (+ (sqr (- (pt-x p2) (pt-x p1)))
           (sqr (- (pt-y p2) (pt-y p1))))))


It takes 4-6 seconds to work on my computer (i7, 4g ram)

I tried another computer and still

Did I make some mistake? How can I make type checking faster?


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Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be changed to make the type checker run faster. If you use #lang typed/racket/base

instead #lang typed/racket

, things might be a little faster. But for various reasons, the Typed Racket typechecker has to solve some tricky problems and therefore not so quickly.



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