Croppic / php - uploaded image not showing on localhost

I am using Croppic to allow the user to upload and crop a profile picture. My code is copied from the site, so it is identical. However, when I run it on my local machine, the downloaded image does not appear. I get a JSON 200 response and the path to the uploaded image, but the image is not showing. To confuse things, if I physically navigate to the folder where the images are loaded and try to open it, I get a message in the Windows Photo Viewer

"Windows Photo Viewer cannot open this image because you do not have the correct permissions to access the file location."

... even though I own the folder and have all the correct permissions (windows 7).

Any ideas what is going wrong?

        width: 200px;
        height: 150px;
        padding: 2px;
        border: 1px solid silver;
        position: relative;

<div id = "profilePicFrame">
    <i class = "loader"></i>

    $(document).ready(function() {
        var cropperOptions = {

        var cropperHeader = new Croppic('profilePicFrame', cropperOptions);         



I did some more research and found that if I navigate to the folder where the thumbnail is loaded, the thumbnail is not displayed and opening it in the Windows Photo Viewer just displays the above permission error. But if I right clicked, I get a message that I need administrator rights to change security settings - click OK and then see that my Windows user is not listed under Security. System and administrators only. I thought I was the only user on this system, I was an administrator, at least I have administrator rights, since I can change the settings. If I manually add my windows user to the full access rights list,then i can view the image in windows photo viewer.

So why is the image being created without user rights to view it?


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Some operating systems can be a little funny, especially when working with apache.

I assume, as you mentioned using PHP, that you infact works with apache.

When you link to something using * nix or another OS running apache, make sure you link your files correctly.

Apache speaking, your uploadURL and cropURL are in / assets / etc / etc / script.php, this might fall back to root, especially on a * nix system, you have to be very careful about referencing other scripts - hence can't see them?

I also assume that you used the same file reference in your PHP script, will surely fail, as it will try to write a file that Apache has NOT , permissions to do so without any heavier modification.



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