Using a snapshot parser using the chrome heap how do I interpret deadlocks in the commit view

I have a single page application that is leaking quite dramatically. I am trying to track down memory leaks using Chrome's built-in memory profiling tools. The heap snapshot gave me a lot of success at tracking down quite a few problematic blocks of code, but now I'm a bit stumped.

I took a snapshot of the heap and allocated a variable that was clearly leaked. Then I open it up to see why the object was not garbage collected. What I am currently seeing in the guardians view (see below) is confusing me. It keeps on reaching a dead end, although it claims that the given node in the graph still has a distance of 11. I'm not sure why it won't let me dig into the object when it says it is still there. I expected to be able to fully propagate to the global variable on the window object.

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