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I am new to Xamarin platform and I started to implement tutorials in Xamarin (Cross Platform) form. I wonder how to implement an accessory, which is an information disclosure indicator button in a ListView (tableView). I am attaching a screenshot from the XCode TableViewcontroller to make my question clearer.

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In Xamarin.Forms, you can customize your list view rows using the ViewCell .

The link here towards the end is the section on customizing the Xamarin.Forms ListView .

In short, the XAML form in the template will be as follows: -



** Place your custom Xamarin.Forms markup to customize the list string display **



In the middle, you can place any Xamarin.Forms text box to achieve the look you want. So maybe use Grid or StackLayout and customize the inner appearance.

Since you are using Xamarin.Forms , you will have to create your own layout to achieve a similar effect. Remember you are aiming for multiplatform right now. If you really like the look, perhaps create an Image and add a Xamarin.Forms Image to achieve this effect? I don't think you can add various platform accessories in any other way without writing some custom renderer.



Maybe you can toolbaritem, more details here



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