Replace addEventListener

I have a lot of code that uses addEventListener

in mini libraries, files ... but I need to do this code in IE8 , so instead ofaddEventListener


  * Register the specified handler function to handle events of the specified
  * type on the specified target. Ensure that the handler will always be
  * invoked as a method of the target.
 function addEvent(type, handler) {
     if (this.addEventListener)
         this.addEventListener(type, handler, false);
     else {
         this.attachEvent("on" + type,
             function(event) {
                 return, event);


I can "override" window.addEventListener

, but how can I override this method in other objects?

Thanks in advance Relationship


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To access it in the same way as in modern browsers, you will want to add a method to prototypes Window

, HTMLDocument

and Element


    if (!("addEventListener" in window)) {
        function addEventListener(type, handler) {
            var _this = this;              
            this.attachEvent("on" + type, function(){
      , window.event);  
        Window.prototype.addEventListener = addEventListener;
        HTMLDocument.prototype.addEventListener = addEventListener;
        Element.prototype.addEventListener = addEventListener;


Note. While we normalized function access and addressed the problem this

, we did not normalize this event to w3c standards. Thus, properties such as , etc. will be missing . Check out the Mozilla





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