Checking the execution of a given process

When I use the following function like isRunning ("example.exe"); it always returns 0 regardless of whether the process is running or not.

I tried to make it std :: cout <<pe.szExeFile; in a do-while loop and outputs all processes in the same format as when trying to pass a function.

The project is a multibyte character set, if that matters.

bool isRunning(CHAR process_[])
    HANDLE pss = CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPALL, 0);

    PROCESSENTRY32 pe = { 0 };
    pe.dwSize = sizeof(pe);

    if (Process32First(pss, &pe))
            if (pe.szExeFile == process_)  // if(!strcmp(pe.szExeFile, process_)) is the correct line here
                return true; // If you use this remember to close the handle here too with CloseHandle(pss);
        } while (Process32Next(pss, &pe));


return false;


I can't seem to find my error. Thank you for your time.


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Used if (pe.szExeFile == process_)

, which compares pointer values. You should use something like strcmp

or _stricmp

for comparing actual string values.


if(strcmp (pe.szExeFile, process_) == 0)
  return true;




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