YouTube Android API stops working

I have an app where I am using Android API (latest version 1.2.1) and it stops working today. I have been working on this project for several months and it works great and I have not made any code changes related to the actual use of the API. I also didn't change anything in the developer console, I double checked the API keys and stuff. I have also tried many different devices and internet connections.

The API calls the return NETWORK_ERROR.

Since the code should work (previously used and earlier versions), backend server (developer) settings should be good, and internet connection should be fine too, there should be something with YouTube API. I even tried the sample code provided by the API and it gives the same error.

I wonder if this is due to the fact that YouTube Data API v2 is deprecated as of April 20 ( ). If so, what workaround can I use? I am not making any calls directly using Data API v2, I am only using the latest official YouTube API for Android.


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It works again. Nothing has changed on my side, so it had to be with the API itself.



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