Access 2000 + Source Control Workflow (Team Foundation Server)

Since Access 2013 no longer supports direct source compatibility: How does your workflow integrate the source control into MS Access, especially TFS? Edit: workflow access2013 -> ANY code system appreciated

The first thing I think about is exporting all objects to text files with the built-in SaveAsText function available for almost every item in your database.

 Application.SaveAsText acModule, d.Name, sExportLocation & "Module_" & d.Name & ".txt"


I would download, save, and maybe even check simple files using VBA functions. The question is, is there a better workflow for this task ... I really doubt this is the best way to integrate Access 2013 projects into Sorce management.

I have heard about OASIS SVN, but I think it is basically the same mechanism that I would use.

Tell us how you manage access projects.


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I am using OASIS-SVN here to export all objects in an access database file to text files.

Then I use git, souretree, etc.

It worked well for me and has a number of useful settings (for example, you can export data, export links in a table, etc.)

It's not perfect, but manageable and better than nothing!

As you would expect, I am using a git project and a separate local directory for each access file.

Another option that recently hit the market can be found here "entAscc" now known as Ivercy!

This looks very promising since the original control is integrated into the development environment. I haven't used it but would love to!



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