Java: how to get openjdk8u60 sources

I realize this is a very simple question, but I cannot find it. When I do hg clone

I get sources for openjdk8u40 but I need openjdk8u60. How do I get them?


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My take:

  • Install mercurial to /usr/bin

  • Go to the directory where you want to download the jdk8 sources.
  • Run there: hg clone

  • cd jdk8u/

  • chmod +x

  • LANG=C

  • ./

  • Make coffee.
  • Read the built-in README-builds.html (located at jdk8u

    as indicated in this example) to build sources from the resulting data, depending on your system.
  • Enjoy.


if you browse the hg repository you will find that the organization is as follows: there are different repositories for different versions and there is one repository for the "dev version", at you will find the current the stable release labeled jdk8u60-b12, so each new commit on this branch represents the current stable release of jdk8u60. if you want to grab the dev version of the same jdk you should clone the repository at



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