How do I get styles from Android Resources class?

I run between apps in Android, I pass a number of parameters to customize another app (colors, logos, etc.), but I cannot find the styles I pass, I can only find drawings, colors, layouts.

Is there a way to find styles?

I am using this

Intent intent = new Intent();
        intent.setClassName("", "");
intent.putExtra("package", getPackageName());


From the app I am using

if(customization.getKeys().getString(Global.LINK_PACKAGE) == null) {
            customization = null;
            Resources resources = getPackageManager().getResourcesForApplication(customization.getKeys().getString(Global.LINK_PACKAGE));
            setTheme();//How can I get the style?


where customization.getKeys () are the keys I am passing in.


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Remember that an R class between two applications can have the same name variable, but a different value. I do not recommend passing R values ​​between applications



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