How to use custom JSP tags in a development environment

My question is pretty simple and I think it should have a pretty simple answer. However, Google did not help me, so I turn to you!

I have a multi-project setup where ProjectA

is a web app that depends on ProjectB

. ProjectB

is embedded in a JAR file with a directory /META-INF/tags

, which is then included in the WAR file ProjectA

and run on Tomcat 8. When the project is built this way, everything works as expected.

My problem occurs during development. I am using a locally modified version of the Sysdeo Tomcat Plugin which seems to work very well in most cases. The problem is that when deploying a web application ProjectA

, it is ProjectB

simply included in the classpath through the directory bin

created by Eclipse. Since this is not a JAR file, /META-INF/myTags.tld

not found in the default configuration. I got around this hiccup by using the <JarScanner scanAllDirectories='true' />

in-block option <Context>

. Tall.

The TLD file lists the tags that point to locations in the directory /META-INF/tags

, as such:



But at runtime I get:

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: File [/META-INF/tags/pane.tag] not found


I expect some configuration for Jasper is simply missing here, but I can't find it. I appreciate your help, and if I can provide more details please just ask!


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You can try adding the jar ProjectB or war to the META-INF class path of projectA which will give the result apt



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