Tell Gradle to check two directories for the main Java source

I have a project full of tests that we use to query our environment. We are running these tests with Gradle. I would like to run these tests from a separate application in order to get rid of Gradle dependencies. I am using the Gradle plugin 'application and am trying to run JUnit tests using JUnitCore and everything is fine, except that I cannot access my test classes from the main one.

I have



When I say Gradle it doesn't work.

sourceSets {
 main {
    java { srcDirs ['src/main/java', 'src/smokeTest/java'] }


It says "main" is not a recognized function. The java plugin is installed because I already have entries to define cursor and longRunningTest.


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Don't steal the flame from @ david-m-karr just by specifying a little: = ['src/main/java', 'src/smokeTest/java'] 


can work



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