Node.js: make a delete request with link

I'm trying to send a DELETE request with a link so that I can use express.js routing after it

<md-button href="/delete/{{userId}}">Delete</md-button>

app.delete('/delete/:user_id', function(req, res) {
        _id : req.params.user_id
    }, function(err, user) {
        if (err)


Note: the md button comes from and the href attribute behaves like an anchor tag.

However, this throws an error:

Cannot GET /remove/5536d672106a3b540e0b0d96


Is it possible to change the default behavior for links to make a DELETE request instead of a GET, or the only way to make an AJAX call and route elsewhere?


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yes you will need to make an ajax call where the method is DELETE

. clicking on the link will always execute a get request unless you intercept it, unless javascript does something else preventDefault()

on the event as well.

since you are using angular you can do something like this:

<md-button ng-click="vm.deleteUser(userId)">Delete</md-button>


and in your controller (which you linked as "vm" for this example to work), you can have

this.deleteUser = function(userId){
   ... using your favorite lib do the delete request at '/delete/'+userId




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