How can I create an array of zeros in typescript?

I am currently using Array.apply(null, new Array(10)).map(Number.prototype.valueOf, 0);

to create an array from 0.

I'm wondering if there is a better (cleaner) way to do this in typescript?


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You can add to a public interface Array<T>

to make the method fill

available. There is a polyfill for Array.prototype.fill on MDN if you need older browser support.

interface Array<T> {
    fill(value: T): Array<T>;

var arr = Array<number>(10).fill(0);


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Eventually the method fill

will find its way into the file lib.d.ts

and you can delete it (the compiler will warn you when you need it).



After considering the concept of holes in an array, I would do:

Array.apply(null, new Array(10)).map(()=> 0);


Not a big savings, but some.



You can also pass an integer argument to the Array constructor, this will return a new JavaScript array with its length property set to that number. Alternatively, you can use .fill

zero-based index to populate all array elements.

const data = ([...Array(10).fill(0)])

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