Is there a naming standard for REDIRECT URIS OAuth 2.0?

I just want to know if there is a REDIRECT URIS naming standard for: Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook and Google when using OAuth 2.0?

Because if I write my domain like this: every external login stops working except Twitter and Facebook. The account / external-signin.aspx name is the real url that I am working with and which I have to provide to each external login.

So Microsoft is giving this error: We are unable to fulfill your request Microsoft account is having technical problems. Please try again later.

LinkedIn: Invalid redirect_uri. This value must match the URL registered with the API key.

And Google 400. This is a bug. Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

If I remove the .aspx page extension it seems to work, although I am deliberately writing the wrong url, like , , etc.

I am working with MVC5 and C #.

I think I missed a few things ...

thanks for the help


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So here's the correct answer:

You don't choose the redirect URL. You must write your signin- {suppliername} in your application.


Facebook and Twitter can work with your own redirect URL. After successful registration, the effect is immediate. Hope this helps someone.




This error means that you have a match with the URL you are returning and the return URL registered with the API server. When you register your application with the server (for Google: ), you must ensure that the URLs used match.

After that you don't get this error, I think on the server you set this property to, (without aspx as you said it works without extension, but not with him). So try changing it on the server too.



For Linkedin add your url with "signin-linkedin" .eg if your url is http: // localhost : {portnumber} make sure it is registered as link http: // localhost : {portnumber} / signin-linkedin "and this will do the trick.

Happy Codding :)



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