How to use setprecision in cpp for floating point only

With floating point number disabled, i.e. 31.14159, how can I set cout to use setprecision (4) on floating point:

cout <<setprecision(4)<< 31.14159<<endl; // returns 31.14


As-is, it considers the whole number with decimal digits and prints: 31.14. However, I want to get: 31.1416.


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std :: fixed says there will be a fixed number of decimal digits after the decimal point.

std::cout << std::setprecision(4) << std::fixed << 31.14159;


- this will print 31.1416



you can use std::fixed

std::cout << std::fixed << std::setprecision(4) << 31.14159 << endl ;


and you will get the result as 31.1416

When you add std::fixed

, std::setprecision(4)

will act on the decimal part and you will get the values 4

after the decimal point.

A std::setprecision()

will take effect for the entire number. But when you add std::fixed

along with it, it std::setprecision()

will only use the decimal part of the number.



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