Google Cloud Storage Java XML API chunk by uploading chunk file

I am using Java Cloud Storage Java XML API to upload a file from a client to a Google Cloud Storage bucket. The file uploads successfully, but before uploading it, I read the entire file into a buffer, so I have to allocate a buffer up to the size of the file.

How do I make the chunk when the chunk is loaded so that I don't have to immediately read the entire content into the buffer? Below is the code snippet that I used. What changes need to be made for this so that I can make the chunk using chunk upload?

httpTransport = GoogleNetHttpTransport.newTrustedTransport();

String p12Content = Files.readFirstLine(new File("key.p12"), Charset.defaultCharset());
            Preconditions.checkArgument(!p12Content.startsWith("Please"), p12Content);
            //[START snippet]
            // Build a service account credential.
Path path = Paths.get(MyFilePath);
    byte[] byteArray = java.nio.file.Files.readAllBytes(path);
HttpContent contentsend = new ByteArrayContent("text/plain", byteArray );

GoogleCredential credential = new GoogleCredential.Builder().setTransport(httpTransport)
                .setServiceAccountPrivateKeyFromP12File(new File("key.p12"))

            // Set up and execute a Google Cloud Storage request.
String URI = "" + BUCKET_NAME + "/myfile";
HttpRequestFactory requestFactory = httpTransport.createRequestFactory(credential);
GenericUrl url = new GenericUrl(URI);
HttpRequest request = requestFactory.buildPutRequest(url,contentsend);
HttpResponse response = request.execute();



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With the XML API, you can either implement resumable downloads (sorry, didn't find any code samples), or use a composition of objects that's easier to start with:

  • split your data locally into as many blocks as required
  • Loading each fragment as a separate object
  • compose your final object
  • remove any temporary objects


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