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I am developing an application to transfer a large amount of data (possibly GB) to a server. But if I send it over the same network it takes a long time to transfer it. I have several network connections from different ISPs that my computer can connect to via Ethernet, WiFi and USB Dongle. Is there a way that I can distribute my data over these three available channels (for example, the first data packet will go over ethernet, the second data packet over Wi-Fi, the third over a USB Dongle, the 4th over Ethernet again, etc. .) For faster transmission. is it possible? If so, how can I access these three networks at the same time to send data.


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This is political routing, it is usually not an easy task.

The routing of network packets usually depends only on the destination to which the packets are sent. Therefore, if a device has multiple interfaces, all packets for one console will usually come out of the same interface.

If the remote computer has multiple IP addresses, you can easily route different destinations through different interfaces. BUT for "different ISPs", the local address usually has to match the interface you send through the packets for responses to return on the same interface. (Most firewalls get a little worried, i.e. start blocking if they are not)

With "policy" you can introduce rules that say "if local address X sends packets from interface B". At this point, you can start dividing the traffic using the anchor source address that RC Brand suggested.

The most common way to combine these links is to completely configure the VPN tunnel to the remote host and organize the packets that make up the tunnel to be used for the different links. (e.g. round robin routing)

This is called a connected connection, people sell these (ADSL connected).

For your specific problem - sending a large file.

  • The floppy / flash drive in mail has very high bandwidth (ping times sucks). You can improve your ping times with a bike.
  • You can use an archiver program (7-zip) to split the file into several parts, send each one from a different computer to a different provider. Attach them back at the other end.
  • Connected connections, homemade or commercial.


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