Dump a message inside a queue in MQ (Linux)

I want to post a message from a queue in WebSphere MQ that is installed on a Linux machine. How can I check messages inside the queues with an authorized user mqm

? I already checked inside opt/mqm/bin

and found some MQ commands like dmpmqaut

etc But I cannot find a command to flush messages inside queues.

EDIT - I am using WebSphere MQ v.7.1


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A quick look at the messages in the queue if they are not too large is a sample program amqsbcg


amqsbcg QUEUENAME QMGRNAME > output.file


This example program can be found on
AIX / Unix: $MQ_HOME/samp/bin/amqsbcg


Where $MQ_HOME

is the right place for your operating system. Default location for $MQ_HOME


AIX: /usr/mqm

Unix: /opt/mqm

Windows:C:\Program Files\IBM\Websphere MQ



You don't say which version you are, but hopefully you are in a new version to have a command dmpmqmsg

. This will unload messages from the queue to a file.

If you are using an older version of IBM MQ, which does not have this command, the equivalent function can be used via SupportPac QLOAD MO03 , dmpmqmsg

it was the product of this free tool.



Here's a list of freeware / shareware programs to view / edit queued messages: http://www.capitalware.com/mq_tools.html#msgedit



You are looking at the wrong path. check the path again and you will find "amqsbcg" in / usr / mqm / samp / bin (for AIX).



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