What is the point of cmake command line

I am trying to build software by following some instructions in line.

cd app
mkdir -p build/Release
cd build/Release
cmake ../..
make installpyplusplus && cmake .
make .


My questions:

  • What does "../ .." after cmake

    mean or mean?
  • What is the meaning of the point after make

  • what installpyplusplus && cmake will do. '?

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The application cmake

looks for a single file in a special format called CMakeLists.txt

. So by running:

cmake ../..


I like to say cmake

that CMakeLists.txt

- these are the two directories below, as described in MERose.

The command cmake

creates many files in your current working directory (CWD, the directory where you ran the command) and among them there is a file named Makefile

that has rules about what files to compile / copy / write / whatever and how to do it.

So when you run:

make .


You tell the application make

that the file Makefile

is on your CWD. It also works:



This looks for a file Makefile

on your CWD.

Conclusion, .

this is CWD, but ..

one level below.

EX: If your CWD /Users/yourname/

  • .

    represents /Users/yourname/

  • ..

    represents /Users/

  • ../.

    represents /Users/

  • ../..

    represents /


what installpyplusplus && & cmake will do. '

When you use &&

, the commands will be executed sequentially if the first command returns true (null status completion). So, in the case that you said make installpyplusplus

will be launched, and after executing it (it can create CMakeLists.txt

, I don't know what you are using), if it returns true, the command cmake .

will be and if CMakeLists.txt

there is, it will work correctly.


If you run:

make -j4


You will split the build process in 4 instances (you can change 4 to whatever you want)! The multi-threaded magic will make it build faster if you have more than one CPU core :)



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