Spring queue to listen rabbit or receive

I am developing an app with rabbitmq support. So I have a consumer and a producer. And I need to decide between the two ways, how to set up the communication between them.

The first way

public void send(){
   //send to consumer and forget
   rabbitTemplate.convertAndSend("","routing-key",my object);
  //waiting for output queue and messages from consumer
     //receive something.
     if(corellationID==what we need){
        //do what we need


Second way

public void send(){
   //send to consumer and wait for result
   Object o=rabbitTemplate.convertSendAndReceive("","routing-key",my object);



Which path will run faster and more stable under high loads? And there might be another more efficient way to do it. Thanks you


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The second way, as at first glance, you will have to implement what the second way already does:

  • create correlation id
  • save the map.
  • dequeue message from response queue
  • match the reply message with the manufacturer
  • ...

Btw the most efficient way is no thread waiting for a response. and therefore works asynchronously: the thread that sends the message may not be the one that receives the response. Check the documentation



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