Laravel custom view helpers stop working when using namespace

I followed some tutorials to create some global helper functions to be used as blades.

I created a ViewHelpers.php file in the App \ Helpers folder. This file contains the following code:


class ViewHelpers {

    public static function bah()
        echo 'blah';


Here is my service provider that downloads my helpers (currently only one file):

<?php namespace App\Providers;

use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;

class HelperServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider {

    public function register()
        foreach (glob(app_path().'/Helpers/*.php') as $filename){
            echo $filename; // for debugging - yes, I see it is getting called


I added it to config \ app.php under "providers":



And now I call my blade helper:



So far it works fine.

But if I change the ViewHelper namespace to this:

<?php namespace App\Helpers;

class ViewHelpers {

  // omitted for brevity


my views fail with Class 'ViewHelpers' not found


How do I make my views view the ViewHelpers class even if it's in a different namespace? Where can I add use App\Helpers


Another related question - can I alias the ViewHelpers class so that it looks like, say, VH:bah()

in my views?

And I would rather do it in a simple way if possible (no facades and what not), because these are just static helpers, no need for a class instance and IoC.

I am using Laravel 5.


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You will get Class 'ViewHelpers' not found

because no ViewHelpers

, there is App\Helpers\ViewHelpers

, and you need to specify the namespace (even in the view).

You can register an alias in config/app.php

, which will allow you to use VH::something()


'aliases' => [
     // in the end just add:
    'VH' => 'App\Helpers\ViewHelpers'


If your namespace is correct, you don't even need to use providers - the class will be loaded by Laravel.



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