How to make indexedMap function for Grid (2d List) type?

There is a function indexedMap

for the provided type here List

: ( )

indexedMap : (Int -> a -> b) -> List a -> List b
Same as map but the function is also applied to the index of each element (starting at zero).

indexedMap (,) ["Tom","Sue","Bob"] == [ (0,"Tom"), (1,"Sue"), (2,"Bob") ]


I created a type Grid

with a definitiontype alias Grid a = List (List a)

I want to create a similar function indexedMap

for this type Grid

with a signature indexedMap : ((Int, Int) -> a -> b) -> Grid a -> Grid b

, but I have no doubt how to do it.


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You must use List.indexedMap


indexedMap f grid =
    (\outer list -> List.indexedMap (\inner item -> f (outer,inner) item) list)


The first List.indexedMap

handles the "outer list" and the second List.indexedMap

"inner lists", where outer

they inner

refer to the indices in the two lists, respectively.

If you prefer a quieter style, you can also use

indexedMap f = 
    (\outer -> List.indexedMap (\inner -> f (outer,inner)))




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