Node.js server on os x cannot connect more than 120 clients

I am writing a node.js bot application to test the performance of my based server application which also runs under node.

Usually the server runs ubuntu linux, but I also have the same server application (node.js, nginx, installed and configured on my local dev machine.

If I run my bot - "script" and run 200 bots that create separate connections to the server, I have no problem if I do it with the real server (s) - Linux servers.

But if I connect to my local xs xs based server, I cannot get more than ~ 120 connections.

I am getting disconnects, stale sockets, and an infinite disconnect / reconnect loop which will take longer and longer under standard settings (trying to reconnect).

In this test, my local dev machine is under almost 0% load, so it is not memory or cpu bound.

I tried the same bot-script from a second local machine to ensure that the problem is not with bots running on the same machine as the server. But I have the same problem.

Once I point the bot-script to the real servers, I have no problem.

When I find myself in the range where the problem occurs, i.e. clicking on more than 120 clients, I tried to access my local dev server with a browser (real user script) and update many times. Sometimes I get "internal server 500".

Makes me think that maybe this is not a .io socket related more to nginx? or some other major limitations of sockets on a regular os x machine (not a server)?


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Everything I had done before posting this question ..... and 3 minutes after that I came across the answer:

Writing to the terminal:

sysctl -a | grep somax


I got the answer:

kern.ipc.somaxconn: 128


so the case is pretty closed.

One only entry in the terminal:

sudo sysctl -w kern.ipc.somaxconn=xyz


where xyz is the number of connections to connect.

Found the answer here:



The somaxconn value of 128 was an acceptable solution. But in my case, changing that value didn't do it.

This post explains the solution.

The problem is the maximum performance limit and the maximum open file limit. one can view these limits by writing ulimit -u (open documents) ulimit -n (max procc)

Changing the runtime didn't work for me, but the link above explains how to continually change these values ​​for a number of popular operating systems.

After making this change, I had no problem exceeding the previous limits, and my kern.ipc.somaxconn: is still 128 ..



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