Node.js. Get the time of the HTTP request

I am a .NET developer and new to Node.js so I would be very grateful for your understanding and help.

I have some code that logs the time of an HTTP request:

var sTime;

var httpReq = http.request(requestOptions, function (httpRes) 
    httpRes.on('end', function () 
        var diffTime = (sTime) ? new String(new Date() - sTime) : '';
        log('diffTime: ' + diffTime);

httpReq.on('socket', function (reqSocket) 
    sTime = new Date();


I sometimes get diffTime: 0

in the log file which is not possible. I can try another way of logging the request time, for example, but I want to find the reason for the zero time.


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Without the rest of your actual code, it's a little difficult for you to verify your problem. Here's a similar method that will display the time difference.

var request = require("request");

}, 200);

function doRequest() {

    var startTime, diffTime;

    //Start the timer.
    startTime = new Date();

    request("", function(err,res,body){
        diffTime = ( new Date() - startTime );



EDIT - see explanation here



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