Hot deployment does not work with IntelliJ IDEA and Wildfly 8.2.0

I am currently trying to set up hot deployment

on Wildfly 8.2.0

in IntelliJ IDEA 14


My settings:

Wildfly 8.2.0

: Deployment scanners

enabled Auto-deploy Zipped

and Auto-deploy Exploded

set to true, and scan interval

- 2000

IntelliJ IDEA 14

: On update action

and On frame deactivation

both are set to update classes and resources

But it still doesn't work. I need to redeploy my application to update java files.


[standalone@localhost:9990 /] /subsystem=deployment-scanner:read-resource(recursive=true)
    "outcome" => "success",
    "result" => {"scanner" => {"default" => {
        "auto-deploy-exploded" => true,
        "auto-deploy-xml" => true,
        "auto-deploy-zipped" => true,
        "deployment-timeout" => 600,
        "path" => "deployments",
        "relative-to" => "jboss.server.base.dir",
        "runtime-failure-causes-rollback" => false,
        "scan-enabled" => true,
        "scan-interval" => 2000



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I'm not familiar with IntelliJ, but what you want seems to be out of the box to me (at the moment).
At least if you want to go the standard way. The standard JVM is not yet capable of fully utilizing the hot deployment feature, so there are products like JRebel or alternative JVM implementations or tools (HotSwap?) That can solve this problem.




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