IOS App Release and Dev versions on one phone

I have an app in the App Store and I am working on a second release.

Installing a new version from Xcode will overwrite the version on the phone - which I would like to avoid. What's the best practice to keep two versions (release and dev) of an iOS / OS X application on a device?

Obviously, you can manually change the package ID, but this has other negative consequences as well.


This is it: but this is completely out of date.


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Usually, I would recommend two package IDs, one for internal / beta testing and one for use in the app store.

In a more complex case, you can separate development and beta to give you a total of 3 separate IDs.

When it comes time to test your version upgrade scenarios, you will have to switch to the production package ID for final testing and candidate releases.

Simon Wolf has a nice description of the approach: Parallel Debug, Beta and App Store Builds .



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