Display User ID in Insight App Metrics

This page http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/app-insights-web-track-usage-custom-events-metrics/#authenticated-users

Show how to obtain registration information in the "Authenticated Users" section.

But how can I see this information in Application Insight after this


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I don't see the user anywhere in the custom event properties for events, it seems to be an internal field that was collected but not shown directly in the view because most of the time this "auto-collected" user will just be an auto-generated GUID. ...

You can take a look at the users' resumes in the Analytics / Users Usage view as well as in the Metric Explorer (just select metrics for app users such as "user accounts" ...)

You should be able to search for a user in an online search, but only if you provide the username that you are looking for in the search, you get events / traces, etc. for that particular user.

Alternatively, you can try to send the authenticated user as a custom property to an event instead of (in addition to) an inline property, in which case you definitely need to see if it is part of the properties in the UI, but this results in duplicate value inside the event (internal + custom) ...



You can make a request with Analytics . The result of your query should return a column named user_AuthenticatedId




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