Corrupted data using UTF-8 and mb_substr

I am getting data from MySQL db, varchar (255) utf8_general_ci and trying to write text to PDF from PHP. I need to determine the length of a string in a PDF in order to limit the text output in a table. But I noticed that the output is mb_substr

/ is substr

really strange.

For example:


$_tmpStr = $vfrow['title'];
$_tmpStrLen = mb_strlen($vfrow['title']);
for($i=$_tmpStrLen; $i >= 0; $i--){
     file_put_contents('cutoffattributes.txt',$vfrow['field']." ".$_tmpStr."\n",FILE_APPEND);
     file_put_contents('cutoffattributes.txt',$vfrow['field']." ".mb_substr($_tmpStr, 0, $i)."\n",FILE_APPEND);


outputs this:

screen shot from npp

npp file link


enter image description hereenter image description here

My question is, where did the additional character come from?


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  • You need to make sure that you are actually getting data from the database in UTF-8 encoding by properly setting the connection encoding. It depends on your database adapter, see UTF-8 throughout for details .
  • You need to tell your functions mb_

    that the data is in UTF-8 so that they can process it correctly. Either set this globally for all functions using mb_internal_encoding

    , or pass a parameter $encoding

    to your function when you call it:

    mb_substr($_tmpStr, 0, $i, 'UTF-8')



The extra character is the first part of a two-byte UTF-8 sequence. You may have problems with the internal encoding of multibyte string functions. Your code treats the text as a fixed, 1 byte encoding. Ε„ in UTF-8, hex C5 84, treated as ΔΉ " in CP-1250 and ΔΉ [IND] in ISO-8859-2, two characters.

Try this at the top of your script:




Besides the table and field being set to UTF-8, you need to set mysqli_set_charset ('UTF-8') to UTF-8 (if you are using mysqli).

And have you tried?

$_tmpStr = utf8_encode( $vfrow['title'] ); 




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