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I am using AWS Mobile Analytics for an app with two environments, beta and production. It works well with the S3 + Redshift auto export configuration, but I doubt the split of the environment data.

Should I have a different mobile analytics with a different configuration to automatically export to a different Redshift? Or do I need one Redshift and two apps (beta) to send data to the same Redshift? In the second case, I could find out which application is the data coming from the unique package name.

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Not really sure about the question you are asking, but if you are just trying to filter events in Redshift based on application, you can filter based on application_app_id.

Go to the console and select the app id for which you want to see events (let's call it "xxxxxxxxxxxx" and then in your Redshift cluster query:

Select *
From   awsma.v_event
Where  application_app_id = 'xxxxxxxxxxxx'




I would suggest using two apps, one for your production app and one for your beta app. With data in Amazon Redshift, you can use the application_app_id column to identify your applications to different applications. You can also trick the v_event view to exclude your beta app data and create a new view called v_beta_view to only show your beta app data.

To create a new view that displays events for a specific application, you can use the following query:

CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW AWSMA.v_beta_event AS select * from AWSMA.event where application_app_id = '<your beta app id here>';
--grant read access to your read-only users
GRANT SELECT on AWSMA.v__beta_event to group eventreaders;




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