How to solve this memory problem for a small variable in Matlab?

I am running Matlab R2013a 32-bit on my computer (4GB RAM and 32-bit Windows 7). I have a dataset (~ 60MB) and I want to read it using

ds = dataset('File', myFile, 'Delimiter', ',');


And every time I run into an error Out of Memory

. In theory, I should be able to use 2GB of RAM, so there should be no problem reading such small files. This is what I got when I typedmemory

Maximum possible array:     36 MB (3.775e+07 bytes) *
Memory available for all arrays:    421 MB (4.414e+08 bytes) **
Memory used by MATLAB:    474 MB (4.969e+08 bytes)
Physical Memory (RAM):   3317 MB (3.478e+09 bytes)

*  Limited by contiguous virtual address space available.
** Limited by virtual address space available.


I followed every instruction I found (this is not a new problem), but it looks rather strange for my case because now I cannot run a simple program.

System: Windows 7 32 bit
Matlab: R2013a


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Obviously your problem is here.

Maximum possible array:     36 MB (3.775e+07 bytes) *


You are using too much memory on your system and / or have very low paging space.



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