To update or not update your Tango tablet

I work in a corporate environment without WiFi, so I don't get OTA updates unless I bring my device home. After reading the issues with onFrameAvailable () callbacks last month, I was skeptical about doing any update at the moment. I currently have at least one update, but I gave it up. My device is running:

Project Tango Core: 1.10:2015.03.27-kalman-release-0...
Build number: KOT49H.150309
Image frame format: RGBA


So the question is, should I update? Or should I bury my head in the sand for a while and wait?

A related question (which might need to be posted separately) is how many times will the aspect ratio change? Do we have to indicate how the format will change with each new release? Will the format always appear in the release notes? (This is for the new Leibniz, YUV420SP. But it was neither for Jacobi nor for Kelvin when he switched to RGBA.)


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You should be able to safely upgrade L or M, but you will have to upgrade to YUV420SP (NV21) if you have used RGB before. There was also an issue with the K release resulting in the image buffer not filling up properly. This is likely the source of concern you have seen on the internet. However, I'm surprised what onFrameAvailable

worked for you in K, you specify that as your current version, the returned image buffer should be null


In terms of future format changes, the format for color image in L is NV21, and this should happen for some time. This has already been confirmed for the M and N releases. There is a possibility that the format will switch to YV12 in the future to fully comply with the Android Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), but there will be a clear connection around that. Tango is also going to provide sample code to convert from this format to RBG when the switch is done.



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