Run the registry file remotely using PowerShell

I am using the following script to run test.reg

on multiple remote systems:

$computers = Get-Content computers.txt

Invoke-Command -ComputerName $computers -ScriptBlock {
  regedit /i /s "\\SERVER\C$\RegistryFiles\test.reg"


The script is not an error, but the registry entry is not being imported to either system.

I know the file test.reg

is a valid registry file because I copied it over, ran it manually, and imported the registry key. I also made sure PowerShell Remoting is enabled on remote computers.

Any ideas why the registry key is not being imported?


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I found a better way not to get confused with server authentication issues and reduce the complexity just to pass the Reg file as a parameter to the function.

$regFile = @"
 Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Invoke-Command -ComputerName computerName -ScriptBlock {param($regFile) $regFile | out-file $env:temp\a.reg; 
    reg.exe import $env:temp\a.reg } -ArgumentList $regFile




I posted on some PowerShell forums and finally got this working.

I had to 1) move the $ newfile variable inside the loop and 2) comment out the $ in the path stored in the $ newfile variable.

For reference, the final script looks like this in case anyone wants to use it:

    $servers = Get-Content servers.txt

    $HostedRegFile = "C:\Scripts\RegistryFiles\test.reg"

    foreach ($server in $servers)


    $newfile = "\\$server\c`$\Downloads\RegistryFiles\test.reg"

    New-Item -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -ItemType directory -Path \\$server\C$\Downloads\RegistryFiles

    Copy-Item $HostedRegFile -Destination $newfile

    Invoke-Command -ComputerName $server -ScriptBlock {

    Start-Process -filepath "C:\windows\regedit.exe" -argumentlist "/s C:\Downloads\RegistryFiles\test.reg"






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