Is a one page app suitable for blogging?

I'm about to start working on a blog redesign for the company I work for and I'm wondering if it's worth doing this as a single page app. This is a regular blog with nothing specific to talk about. So far, the arguments for this SPA are better page load times and no need to refresh the whole page when moving from article to article. The argument against is a likely SEO mistake. I've never done a single page app before (other than some funnels) and the above statements are just my assumptions based on what I've read on the internet. I tried to find a working blog made like a SPA on the internet, but surprisingly without success. My main question, as the title says, is what are the pros and cons of a blog,acting like a spa? Are there such blogs around? I would really appreciate links

Another choice I have to make is to design the interface as a Wordpress theme, or use WP only as a backend (with WP REST API) and create a separate interface in NodeJS. The obvious disadvantage of the latter option is the inability to use most of the WP plugins. The advantage is the backend-agnostic interface. Can anyone with experience using WP as a backend just say if it's worth it?



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As you said, SPA is a real pain to SEO, there are ways to get around this, but they take some tweaking. The advantage is that you don't have to reload the page, but the blog you usually host on the page is one of the main reasons that it has SEO. Therefore, unless you are a large blogging company, it probably isn't worth winning.

I have seen several sites that do cool blogging stuff that are SPA'ish '. For example, right now, LinkedIn's boost is loading a post, and when you scroll down, it loads a new post at the bottom and changes the URL. See:

As far as the WP approach goes, I looked at using the WP REST API, but we found that as we went through it, you probably only want to use it to display your blog and stick with the full WP admin area for editing your blog. is that by the time you take out the admin side, you really don't get much out of WP and you can use something less complex. This may be what you are talking about, but just wanted to be clear. I would still only do this if you don't like WP, but WP is not bad for a theme and you can find a lot of people who know how to theme it.



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