How to enable IOSurfaceRef

I am trying to build an application using private APIs to take screenshots from the background. I found this example: Taking Screenshots in the Background (iOS) - Improving Performance

In the author's code, the first line uses the IOSurfaceRef type. Can anyone explain to me how to include this in my code? I tried linking IOSurfaceAPI.h (where I defined IOSurfaceRef), however it didn't work.


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First, let's start with how to link Frameworks

/Applications/ MacOSX10.11.sdk /System/Library/Frameworks/IOSurface.framework/Versions/A/Headers

  1. go to /Applications/ and create a folder called Headers

replace iPhoneOS.platform with iPhoneSimulator.platform , paste the headers into the simulator SDK folder if you want to try apps on the simulator

  1. insert all files inside

You can now use the IOSurface Framework



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