Azure Mobile Services - UpdateAsync does not update all fields

I am using Azure Mobile Services and am facing a problem with the "UpdateAsync" method. For many properties that I store in my element, the UpdateAsync method works great. For others, the update is completely ignored. Has anyone faced such a problem before? The call I am making is unremarkable and the code is below.

It looks like the non-updatable property issue may be limited to properties that contain a number in the name. For example, CP20M is one of my properties that is not updated with this method. Another property "Weight" updates without problems. Both are paired. Does this make sense? The only way to update these fields that seems to work is to delete the record and insert a new record. This will get the corresponding values ​​in all properties.

Any ideas are appreciated.

public async Task UpdateUserProfileItemAsync(UserProfile userProfile)
    await _userProfileTable.UpdateAsync(userProfile);
    await SyncAsync();



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Just rename the field you are facing. This worked for me.



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