Improving UIWebView initialization time

My company uses UIWebView

to display ads. The problem I'm running into is that initialization UIWebView

seems expensive; profiling with Time Profiler shows [UIWebView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0,0,500,500)]

to take 31-40ms. That's enough to cause noticeable frame drops in 60 FPS games.

Is there a workaround for this slow initialization time? My current ideas are to build UIWebView

when the app starts (but before the game starts) and reuse that (potentially creating a reusable pool, like how it works UITableViewCell

) or try to see if it WKWebView

has better performance.


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Here are my findings:

  • WKWebView

    does not initialize faster. Creation WKWebView

    took about the same amount of time as creation UIWebView

    (in 1st test I took 46ms to create two WKWebView

  • The very first webview created takes significantly longer than subsequent web views. The first one takes 31-42 ms; subsequent ones take ~ 11ms to create. The good news is that creating the first web view when launching apps, for example, allows future web reviews to be made cheaper by avoiding the 40 second hit while playing.
  • Pooling UIWebView

    was a good solution for my use case. By creating webviews when the app starts and then reusing them, I avoid triggering a frame during gameplay.


There is not much difference in response between UIWebView

and WKWebView

because it WKWebView

was introduced to ensure consistency between iOS and OSX. The main Webkit engine anyway and requires a lot of initialization.

The best solution I have found in recent years fades away WebView

from the 0.1 alpha view where the url is loaded. Be careful not to start at 0.0 or disconnect your webview from the main view hierarchy because your url won't load.

When called didFinishLoading

, you can bring it down to 1.0, thus providing a better user experience. Personally, I don't like the pool UIWebView

because I experienced some memory issues when saving it, especially on iOS 7 devices.



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