Eclipse Javascript Editor not correctly recognizing string using Reactjs syntax

When I write jsx in the following format in the default Javascript editor, slash and grater than characters are interpreted as string. And when I hit Enter at the end, Eclipse automatically adds "+"

I am using Eclipse 4.3.0.

How to fix it?

Eclipse string problem


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I suggest you install 1.1.0 which provides JSX support inside Eclipse. It provides a JSX Editor with syntax coloring for JSX (and JavaScript):

JSX editor

Validation, hyperlink, hover, completion is done with the TypeScript tsserver:

JSX validation



There seems to be no eclipse plugins yet to handle JSX syntax correctly in eclipse.

There are many other IDEs that support JSX:

  • Sublime text

  • WebStorm

  • Vim

  • Atom

  • IntelliJ IDEA



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