Laravel 5 Lang :: get () Replace

I have a problem's.

You can use Lang :: get () in Laravel 5, I want to do a to replace characters.

resources / languages ​​/ EN / messages.php

    return array(
    'test' => 'test message. :name',


view / top.blade.php

{!! App::setLocale('en') !!}
{!! Lang::get('messages.test', array('name' => 'Dayle')) !!}


However, this is a mistake.

ErrorException in Translator.php line 148:
Missing argument 2 for Illuminate\Translation\Translator::Illuminate\Translation\{closure}(), called in /home/my-site/www/my-site/vendor/compiled.php on line 11547 and defined (View: /home/my-site/www/my-site/resources/views/top.blade.php)


Because I do not know.

Don't know who you know?


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I just resolve this issue by following the steps here

To summarize, try the following steps:

  • Remove vendor /compiled.php and storage / framework / compiled.php file
  • Run it composer update

    , and if it doesn't start automatically, run it php artisan optimise

    again to compile.
  • Use double quotes in your messages.php file (for example "title" => "Value in double qoutes"

  • Run composer dump-autoload -o



Use parentheses in message.php: 'test' => 'test message. (: Name) ",

Also, looking at your error message, I think that {!! App :: setLocale ('en') !!} in your opinion creates a problem for some reason, so just remove it, it works without it, I tried it.

Optionally, add use \ Lang; in your controller.



maybe you can try the recommended syntax -> Lang::get('messages.test', ['name' => 'Dayle'])



you can also try a helper function:

{{ trans('messages.test', array('name' => 'Dayle')) }}


and remove at the end of that line test' => 'test message. :name',


it would also be better App::setLocale('en')

in your controller and not the view, but these are only best practices and probably not the cause of your problem.



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