How to search an array

I have documents with the following format:

 url: 'some-unique-url',
 name: 'some-name'


What I need to do is select documents with a specific URL by providing an array containing the URL I need to select:

['some-unique-url', 'another-url']


This is what my view looks like:

function(doc) {
  if(doc.type == 'message'){
    emit([doc.url], null);


And here is my node.js code. I am using nano .

db.view('message', 'by_url', {'key': urls}, function(err, body){


This works if I only have one element in the array, but as soon as I add another element, this is what I get:



I have also tried startkey

and endkey

, which also works, but it works the same as the previous one:

db.view('message', 'by_url', {'startkey': online_users_ids, 'endkey': [online_users_ids, {}]}, function(err, body){


Am I trying to do this with couchdb and nano? If not, what is the closest thing I can get without losing performance? Thanks in advance!


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1 answer

You need to use keys

instead key

as described in the CouchDB API Reference .

db.view('message', 'by_url', {'keys': urls}, function(err, body){




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