Convert DateTime to specific format

What is the best and fastest way to convert DateTime to this format?

2015-03-26T18: 02: 58.145798Z

I am currently getting the date from the server and I can parse it and convert the date to DateTime and the output of ToString () looks something like this:

26/03/2015 18:02:58

For date conversion, I use this line of code:

var parsedDate = DateTime.Parse("2015-03-26T18:02:58.145798Z", CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, DateTimeStyles.RoundtripKind);


What is the best way to convert parsedDate back to original format?

EDIT: I want to convert DateTime to this format 2015-03-26T18: 02: 58.145798Z as a string


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If you have an object DateTime

, you can convert it to a string with a specific format using O

the format specifier:




parsedDate.ToUniversalTime().ToString("O") // if parsedDate is not UTC


returns "2015-03-26T18:02:58.1457980Z"


If DateTimeKind

your object is DateTime

not Utc

, you will not get the Z

ISO8601 end-of-line extension. The example you provided is present Z

because it DateTime.Parse

recognizes it and returns DateTime

in Utc

. If it is Z

missing from the original string you are parsing, you can still accept UTC by using ToUniversalTime()

in an object with a date.



The answer is pretty much what @Dirk said:


is a string, but you need to convert the DateTime to UTC: as you get the "Z" at the end.

See for details .


To convert DateTime to UTC use the method ToUniversalTime()




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