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I'm having problems with Android Studio. When I click on variables or methods, the Quick Doc view pops up as shown below.

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The Quick doc window width is the entire screen size. But I need a small window like a red rectangle. How do I resize the Quick Doc window?


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I HAVE SOLVED this problem.

Step 1: Drag the title bar of the documentation window and navigate to the left until you see the right edge of the window.

Step 2: Move your mouse to the right edge when the mouse changes to change the status, which appears to be shown at the edge of the micro word document table.

Step 3: Just move your mouse to the left to narrow the width of the window and repeat this action. REMEMBER: The window cannot disappear, otherwise you must do it again before success.

NOTE. You can also resize the window in the lower right corner. You can see a small triangle that is the resizing area.



You need to do it manually.

  • Click on the title bar of the Quick-Doc window and drag it to the left until its right edge appears.

  • Now drag the right edge of the window to resize it.

Shortcut to quick dock window - Ctrl+ Shift+I



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