XHR / Fetch testing issues with Chrome 42 on OS X

We are using Marty.js (and React.js) in our webapp.
When I read the Marty.js docs , they use a fetch-polyfill to communicate with the server via http

. Everything is fine so far ...

While testing on Google Chrome (currently v42) I noticed that the body

prompt is not showing (but is being sent?!?) And then I cannot "replay XHR" from dev-tools.

Can anyone tell me why this is so?

screenshot of chrome's devtools

update 04/26/15
Since this doesn't seem to have anything to do with marty.js, I removed it from the title of the question.


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I believe what you are seeing is due to two issues in MartyJS github.

https://github.com/martyjs/marty/issues/308 (success function called no matter http status code returned)

https://github.com/martyjs/marty/issues/293 (martyjs does not deserialize json in certain browser settings) <is the one you have the question with it looks like.

The library had a fix for both. I recommend updating. We didn't have any problems, as the last week of the week (0.9.14) was enough. I believe that the new version has already been released (0.9.15) and work on 0.10 is being done in parallel.



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