How to make xml nodes open and closed on the same line if they have no children?

I am working with a large XML file and want to cut it down a bit. I currently have many examples of something like this:

<column name="Name">


Since the column has no child nodes, I would like it to be

<column name="Name"/>


xml is generated using FluentNHibernate config



The column node is created for



in my ClassMap.

Is there any way I can use the System.Xml classes to rewrite it to write one line for each childless node)?


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As you probably cannot change the way the XML is generated, you can load it in XDocument

and make the necessary changes. By default it will load with no spaces - this will overwrite this:

<column name="Name">


like this:

<column name="Name"></column>


This is because he sees that he matters ""

. To get rid of this, you need to clear the contents of those that have an empty string as their value.

string xml = "..."

var document = XDocument.Parse(xml);

var emptyElements = document.Descendants()
    .Where(e => !e.Nodes().Any());

foreach (var element in emptyElements)

xml = document.ToString();


The code looks odd (what nodes are we removing from an element without nodes ?!), but it makes an internal margin content


where it was in this case ""

. The end result is this:

<column name="Name" />




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