Auditing user window activity on WinFormApplication

I need to implement Audit Trail in my application which is a WinForm application. I need to register all actions performed by the user in the application and in the System in order to check if he has changed any security settings or something else.

Is there a way to do this with AOP or with PostSharp

or any other such method that could be done with minimal changes to the existing code, as this is a very large application and implementing logging in each method is time steps.

I am open to creating a new application that can be audited if it helps.

Please let me know any guidelines I need to follow in order to implement an audit. We use .Net 4.5

and SQL Server 2005



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It looks like you want business layer operations to be validated with your WinForms application.

Since you asked about the aspect-oriented approach - yes, you can of course use PostSharp OnMethodBoundaryAspect

to hook up some logging / auditing rules without any changes to the existing code.

You will also get information about the caller and the values ​​of the arguments passed, which you can use to make your audits meaningful. Example will be updated soon. additional literature

DISCLAIMER: I am not working for PostSharp. I just tried this recently.Sub>



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