Android: Build with Gradle, Subscribe with Maven

My android build works fine in continuous integration mode except androidSigning: Gradle can let the developer catch the keystore path and passwords in a clear way. This is unsatisfactory.

1 Do you have a workaround? Such as encrypting passwords ... 2- My idea is now to build with Gradle, and sign and zipalign with Maven.

I currently manage to subscribe to an existing apk, but cannot zipalign the signed apk. Here is the pom.xml located in the application folder :



                            ... all parameters ok...






[INFO] --- maven-jarsigner-plugin:1.4:sign (signing) @ mavensigning ---
[INFO] 1 archive(s) traitées
[INFO] --- android-maven-plugin:3.8.2:zipalign (alignApk) @ mavensigning ---
[INFO] Skipping zipalign on pom


Any idea why I can't zipalign?


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