UserGroupInformation: there are no user-accessible groups for groups

I am trying to submit a remote job to mapreduce but I am getting an error [1]. I even set content [2] in hdfs-site.xml in remote chaos and changed permissions [3], but the problem persists.

The client is xeon and the superuser is xubuntu.

How can I add permission for the remote user to mapreduce? How did I set up the group for xeon?


2015-04-23 05:57:35,648 WARN No groups available for user xeon






2041  hdfs dfs -chown -R xeon:supergroup /user/xeon
2045  hdfs dfs -chown -R xeon:supergroup /tmp/hadoop-yarn/staging/xeon/
2039  hdfs dfs -chmod -R 777 /user/xeon
2053  hdfs dfs -chmod -R 777 /tmp/hadoop-yarn/staging/xeon




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Add users and groups to RM host.



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