How to download a program to STC 51 in OS X

I used the Arduino IDE to program the Arduino. But now I have developer advice with STC (51). I don't know how to program it in OSX. I found there are many graphical tools on Windows, but hard to find for OSX.

I found some information that he needs to install "sdcc". But it looks like it cannot download.

I am a web developer, good at using command line. But I don't know what tool I need for this task. This will give me a better example of using these tools.

BTW: I don't want to use a VM to start Windows. And I like coding in Sublime instead of another IDE.


Thanks baf give me information on stcdude . But I cannot get it to work.

I found another question about stcgal . But it doesn't work for me now.

So far, I can use sdcc to compile the codes and use srecord to convert ihx to bin. But I have to download it via the official Win GUI tool.

By the way: although I am Chinese and have seen a lot of bad Chinese sites, I am shocked by the official STC site and their documents. Thanks that these people are still writing an open source tool for us.

I found this I thought it would be helpful.


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I cannot give you any details because I am not working with your chip. However, I use sdcc

for OS X. This is a C compiler. You will need this if you want to write programs for your chip using the C language.

For programming your microcontroller (downloading a compiled program) your only chance might be stcdude . I looked at his code and I think it should work on Mac. You will need to install lua first if you want to compile it.



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