Installing directory in docker container and running gradle command

I have a mydockimage

docker container with with gradle installed in it.

I am mounting my local working directory with the following command

sudo docker run -t -a stdout -a stderr --rm \
  --volume /home/Myworkspace/Myproject:/workspace:rw myimage:myimage_build 


I have the following problems:

  • after running this command from /home

    , i am redirected to docker contanier folder /workspace

    but when i run gradle the response hangs.

  • if i run mount script from my local workspace folder then it redirects me to docker container with all files but with folder name and git branch name in flower bracket something like below

    [ root@c6ff3f80dab8:/workspace {COE *} ]$

    where COE is the name of the branch.

  • If I run gradle build

    in [ root@c6ff3f80dab8:/workspace {COE *} ]$

    then the app works, but it goes back to my local directory and not sure how to find it in my docker container.


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To find the start command docker container: docker ps

. Running containers will be displayed on it. docker ps -a

displays all containers , even closed ones.

Please provide a Dockerfile and command for you to build your image.



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